Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Prenatal Yoga Tonight

One of the reasons Prenatal Yoga is so helpful during pregnancy is that yoga helps mothers relax and connect with their deepest inner self- something that is essential for birth. Notice how the following description of birth could almost be used verbatim (apart from pushing our babies out) as a description of prenatal yoga.

"When giving birth, we are called upon to let go of our need for physical and mental control and to allow our bodies to widen and spread in order to endure what are sometimes extremes of discomfort and pain for long periods of time. We are then called upon to raise enough power and strength to push our babies out of the dark and narrow spaces of our bodies and into the light of the world. The birthing act requires us both to completely surrender to the experience of labor and to summon amazing personal strength from within. It is through an altered state of being-a relaxed, trusting detachment- that we can indeed find such inner strength." (Mother Rising by Yana Cortlund)

Join us tonight in Salmiya for Prenatal Yoga  @ 7:15 pm

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