Friday, January 25, 2013

38 Weeks and Waiting

Peace and contentment. Priceless when you are 38 weeks. After all of my waffling back and forth trying to decide where to give birth and which care provider to work with, I am once again so happy I made the decision to come back to Minnesota to work with midwifes.

It's a cold January afternoon. My midwifes (Kim and Jane) just came by and we chatted in front of the fire place about how I am feeling and any thoughts and concerns I have. They took my blood pressure, listened to the baby's heart beat, measured the height of my fundus (the top of my uterus) and felt what position the baby was in. Everything looked great. I've been having contractions in the evenings, but nothing too serious. Shahram and the kids arrive Saturday, so I'm happy to wait.

We also reviewed my charts from my last two births. Weeks of contractions before I actually had either of them. Its a good reminder so I don't get too anxious or jumpy. I've been passing the time by spending time with my sisters, scanning in old family photos from my siblings births, and collecting birth stories from my mom. Hopefully I can finish putting it all together in a "book" before the baby comes.

I can't think of a better way to spend my last couple of weeks before the baby comes- thank you to my wonderful and supportive husband and kids for making this possible!

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