Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I'm Pumped! My Insurance Company Just Bought Me a New Breastpump!

I ordered my Medela Pump in Style on Monday from YummyMummy (all I had to do was enter in my insurance info), and it arrived on Thursday. Great service. I didn't pay a cent. After pumping for hours with my hand pump and only producing .5 oz, I was so pleased to produce this 3oz bottle yesterday in 5 minutes! :) I can't emphasize how pleasantly surprised I was with how seamless and easy the process was. And remember, you can order your pump while your still pregnant. Take advantage of these changes in your health insurance!

How cool is that? I wasn't aware until Sunday that one of the new provisions in the Obama Affordable Care Act is that many insurance companies will now cover the cost of a breastpump (in  my case, with Aetna, they will cover an electric and a manual breastpump.) This is great news for any mom! Maybe everyone else already knew this (I was living in the Middle East for the last five years…so I missed a lot. When I googled it I found a flurry of articles about it, including one in the Washington Post).

When I bought my Medela Pump In Style 13 years ago with my first baby, it was an expensive purchase on our Full-time Student budget, and it lasted for a long time. With the birth of my 5th baby this last year, we are in a better position to afford a new pump to replace our old one, but I just couldn't bring myself to buy one since this will likely be our last baby. But I'm going back to work now and my anxiety about not having milk stored up for our baby has motivated me to start looking around ~ meaning I started asking other moms in the mothers lounge about what pumps they like ~ and I found out about the health insurance coverage. I no longer have to choose among many different kinds of pumps since my insurance only covers a few (the only downside) but they cover the basics- including Ameda, Medela, and a few others, which for me is sufficient. (Although I know there are some, including Kaiser, that only cover manual pumps…WHAT?! THat's next to useless!)

But for many of us, this is awesome…have I said that enough? They should have done this a long time ago! For many moms like myself a breast pump is not just a luxury, it also represents more freedom and flexibility to keep doing two things I love: breastfeeding my baby and working. I'm pumped! (Pun intended..) So go for it ladies ~ check your insurance if your pregnant or have a baby born in the last 36 months ~ and get your breast pump today! 


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