Doula Services

       I am now working as part of a group practice with two other experienced doulas, Amy Ard and Sara Baum. 

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Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with hiring an experienced doula for your upcoming birth. Rest assured that while the medical staff are doing their job to ensure your health and safety, I will be there to help you find answers to your questions, provide you with continuous physical and emotional support, while sharing wisdom gleaned from years of training and experience.

Research shows the use of trained doulas has proven to shorten the overall length of labor, decrease the need for pain medication, lower the risk of cesareans for stalled labors, and improve mothers’ recollections of their birth experience.

Take comfort knowing that you have a trained and experienced woman by your side no matter where your journey through birth takes you.

· Trained and certified by DONA International
· Over 14 years of experience supporting women in labor in the US, Jordan, India, Oman, and Kuwait
· Mother to five children